Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sinclair Broadcasting has long history of dubious journalistic, corporate ventures.

On Friday October 22nd at 12pm the new campaign StopSinclair will deliver a 150,000-member petition to the FCC Headquarters to halt Sinclair's $9,900,000 illegal in-kind contribution to the Bush campaign.

They need your help to make this a strong and meaningful message to Sinclair, the FCC, and the public. They will also be filing a complaint against Sinclair with the FCC and announcing a $120,000 (perhaps much larger) ad buy targeting Sinclair and George Bush.

Join us at the FCC - THIS Friday 12pm. We have had an incredible ten days -- gaining tremendous support nationwide. We could use your help to capitalize on this momentum.
Please e-mail your lists, help make signs, brainstorm new approaches, and join us! We look forward to rallying with you on Friday.

For information about Friday's rally, go to Stop Sinclair.


General Mills

To Whom It May Concern:

While I appreciate the fact that a response was composed and a reply was sent, I cannot find a scintilla of redemptive value in the choice of General Mills to support the kind of partisan pabulum Sinclair Broadcasting represents.

The simplistic statement used in your response, "We choose to stand with the freedom of the press," is a transparent excuse for the choice to continue to spend large sums of money supporting a partisan advertising campaign disguised as news. While I hold dear the rights and privileges afforded Americans by the First Amendment, I also value Section 315 of the Federal Communications Act, which states that broadcasters selling or giving time to a federal candidate must provide equal time to the candidate's campaign opponents. Complaints have already been filed with the F.C.C. asking for equal time for other candidates and, not coincidentally, Sinclair's stock price has fallen by almost 17 percent and its market capitalization drop by $140 million in the last week and a half. What this means for companies allied with Sinclair, I can only guess.

Please note that, while I am not registered with a political party and, in fact, serve as a volunteer for a number of non-partisan organizations, I am appalled at what amounts to General Mills' support of a last ditch effort to give the Republican Party a let-up just days before the Presidential Election.

Until such time as General Mills makes some effort to correct this egregious decision, myself and hundreds of thousands of other consumers will take note. From Cheerios to Old El Paso products, from Pop Secret to 8th Continent, consumers will voice their concerns at check stands nationwide.


Rebecca Harris
Azusa, California

Official Rumor Start

Soldiers Pay + F 9/11 = Equal Time

Rumor has it that IFC (indie film channel) will air Soldiers Pay next Friday night. It's the film David O Russell (3 Kings, Spanking the Monkey, Flirting with Disaster) made for the 3 Kings DVD - until Warner Bros caved to pressure from the FEC and yanked the project.

Frank Rich wrote about the film in this past Sunday's NY Times.

Frank Rich & the new "All the President's Men"

Seems IFC may also planning to run a F 9/11 Making of Special that was originally intended for the pay per view event that was cancelled.

Halloween weekend could be spooky.